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Translated into over 40 languages, our Slide Shows circle the globe and their positive influence helps improve the quality of many people’s lives.

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Tommy was a little disabled boy whose true life story continues to inspire many around the globe. It's the story of someone so The Story of Tommyignorant, so helpless, and so isolated, you might never have thought he could have had any impact whatsoever beyond his lowly life, and would seemingly have had every excuse for not reaching out to others, but rather desperately needed help himself. BUT LOVE FOUND A WAY!

You can read (or view) the story that motivated us to begin Tommy's Window, but be prepared to be awed and even impelled to follow in his humble footsteps! The Story of Tommy will make a way into your heart you might not have expected...

The Story of Tommy

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Janita (Newfoundland, Canada)

Hi Brian & Martha: Thank you so much for your slideshows! They are a blessing to me and over this past winter the messages and the scenery... Read more...
Nikita Patel (India)

I personally and from my heart wanna thank you for these power packed slideshows which inspired and helped me a lot to be close to GOD. I... Read more...
Jan (Indonesia)

Oh I’m very happy through all the slides that you always send to me, and I’m so pleased for all that you already sent me, because... Read more...
Paul Winterton (grandfather aged 63 from Australia)

God Bless you. Your pps are truly Inspirational and I send them all over the world to my many e-mail contacts. Keep up the good work 'till... Read more...
Kana (Papua New Guinea)

Greetings from Papua New Guinea, Thank you Tommy's window slides are very nice and I always enjoyed and share with many friends.

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