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We recently launched this newly designed site and we continue to work to improve features and functionality.

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We purpose to share with you a wealth of knowledge and experience from many different sources with the aim that this site may be an oasis for your soul. We hope your experience will be gratifying.

Here you will find an ever-increasing collection of beautifully illustrated Presentations made in PowerPoint, Flash, and Video format. These expressions of inspiration and insight cover an abundance of fascinating topics. Enjoyable to watch, the thoughts, emotion, and spirit conveyed through them generate a profound and enduring impact on many people’s lives!


These messages are reaching the far corners of the Earth encouraging and motivating thousands of people to take on the challenges of their every day lives! We hope these will kindle your interest as well!

Through the invaluable help of volunteers, many shows have been translated into 40 languages. English and Spanish shows are published first then other language shows are published when we receive a new translation. Many of these shows are also available on YouTube! In addition, for the interested reader, we intend to post articles in the Readers’ Corner, as we are able. What’s more, we plan to include music and audio as it becomes available.

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